My February in Pictures

I have been taking a photo a day in order to create a photo diary for the year. Below are my Pictures for February.

This month I decided to go processed food free as an experiment; this included refined sugar, white flour and a few other odds and ends as I saw fit. For me this was quite a change. I love cereal and bread and pasta;  all great carbs, but for the month I had non. I also don’t particularly like cooking – which features frequently when most of your food starts as raw meat and veg. Overall it was successful, I discovered a variety of alternative pizza bases using sweet potato or cauliflower and made curries and stews from scratch. I baked using alternative flours and honey. I snacked on home popped popcorn and breakfasted on fruit and nuts. I’ve added photo’s of some of the recipes I tied out. I liked my food during the month but oh how I hated trying to think up a menu for the week to ensure I bought suitable foods. I am now enjoying cereal again, but still like to make my own pizza bases.

Another feature of this month is tennis lessons. The adult lessons locally were advertising the first month free, and then they’re quite reasonably priced. I never played tennis growing up but started some group lessons a year or so ago before moving. It’s been great restarting them, and this time my mum is also playing. Come rain or just freezing darkness there we are on the outdoor courts in the evening flailing at the ball and having a wonderful time.


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